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The world stands with Palestine.

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Destroy the decontextualized / dehistoricized media narrative that frames Israel as “responding” to Palestinian “terror”.

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Roses on Book of Quran (with Quran 73:20 – Surat al-Muzzammil)

فَاقْرَءُوا مَا تَيَسَّرَ مِنَ الْقُرْآَنِ

Therefore read of the Quran as much as is made easy for you. (Quran 73:20)

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Lelaki suka menguji sama ada kita hanya layak dijadikan mainan atau dijadikan pendamping seumur hidup. Dia menilai melalui cara kita melayani kata-katanya.


Kalau kita terhegeh-hegeh dan senang percaya, dia akan main-mainkan perasaan kita dengan ayat-ayat keramat. Kalau kita ada prinsip, dia akan hormat kita.



Hanya lelaki yang berani jumpa wali terus, layak kita tabik kejujurannya. Dia buktikan dia betul-betul serius mencintai kita. Dia tiada peluang langsung untuk permainkan kita.


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Watch out your words.

"Tudung labuh..
Bukan untuk mereka yang terpilih.
Tapi untuk mereka yang memilih.."

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Forgive yourself. It’s okay to let go of the past…Self respect and dignity come from who you are right now. Don’t carry guilt and shame around in your heart like a poisoned dagger. Constant regret for the past is a waste of spirit…If you feel that you have been corrupted by sin, then the glory of Islam is that innocence can be yours again, with TAUBAT. In other words, your soul has not turned into an evil thing. It is not totally lost. It is just at a point when it is not feeling remorse or sorrow for its actions. But that can be changed! The soul can be softened through prayer, dua’, Dzikir, fasting, reciting Quran, doing good to others, and other acts of worship, until your soul once again feels remorse, and can return to a state of purity. SubhanAllah….Allah knew exactly what He was doing when He made you. If you don’t trust your own judgment, then trust Allah’s.Wake up and thank Allah, and do your best every day. Have faith in Allah’s love and mercy, and reflect that in your actions toward others. Be peaceful, and strive to be happy…

Prince Edward (1965) - Prince George (2014)

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